An Outdoor BBQ Baby Shower

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Summertime is upon us and with the warm weather planning a baby shower outdoors seems to be the best for everyone, guest and host. Planning an outdoor baby shower say a BBQ baby shower seems fitting for this time of the year. Late in the day would be best since it can get really hot in the middle of the day. In fact, if you have a pool then a BBQ or pool baby shower party would be even more fun. You could light up the night with baby shower candles and get enough of those same type candle to pass out as baby shower favors. Some really cute candles would be ones that are shaped as a baby carriage or you can get small candle tins to set out. They don’t necessarily have to smell like baby powder. In fact unscented ones work well outdoors. Make it a coed baby shower and invite the guys too. Serve up hamburgers and hot dogs! The guys will really love that and be more apt to come!

Planning a baby shower in the summertime can be fun, and carefree. It doesn’t have to be formal, but instead make it a fun event that can last throughout the evening. And, best of all if you serve food or drinks outdoors there’s no mess to clean up afterwards. If you don’t have a house with a pool or a big enough backyard, then an apartment clubhouse works great as well as local country clubs or private clubs. Perhaps ask the mom-to-be is she knows of a friend who may have a pool and plan the party there. If she’s not one of the original hosts then let her know that the hosts of the party will set up and clean up afterwards and the owner of the house won’t have to do anything. Outdoor parties of any kind are fun especially for welcoming a new baby too!

How to Survive a Holiday Office Party

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For anyone who’s ever attended a holiday office party or other obligatory event, you know only too well the fear and anxiety that often accompany it. In fact, a good number of my coaching clients whose jobs require that they attend office parties have turned to me for advice, asking:

-”What will I talk about?”
-”What if I drink too much and become fodder for office gossip the next day?”
-Or, the most dreaded quandary of all: “How long do I have to stay?”

For the answers to my clients’ top three holiday office party questions, read on…

1. “I’m hopeless when it comes to office party conversation. What am I supposed to talk about? What’s appropriate? What’s strictly off-limits?”

Office parties are an excellent opportunity to get to know your colleagues and superiors on a more personal level, in a festive, less formal environment. At the same time, “personal” doesn’t mean inappropriate or offensive. It’s one thing to talk to a colleague about neutral topics, such as outside interests, sports, hobbies, pets and family life (if the conversation goes that way, of course); it’s another to dig around for details and information that could possibly embarrass or offend.

If you’re uncertain about which subjects of conversation should remain no-fly zones, consider the usual “hot” topics: politics, religion, money, sexual preference or orientation – or anything sexual, for that matter.

It’s also inappropriate to talk shop and gossip about colleagues. Asking your boss for a raise or promotion is another office-party no-no. Office parties are a social event, and conversations that focus on work are best left at the office.

And, above all, watch your liquor intake. At an office party, a loose tongue is a lethal weapon. Not only can too much booze lead to embarrassing behavior, you might end up saying things you’d never dare to utter while sober (including off-color jokes and comments about your boss’s wife’s new breast implants). My advice? Enjoy a glass of wine, or maybe two. But once you’ve reached your limit, walk away from the bar – and never look back.

2. “What if I do something foolish at the party and I’m the subject of water-cooler gossip the next day? Can my reputation be saved?”

If you downed a few mojitos too many, stuck a lampshade on your head and danced the Macarena with the burly guy from IT, it’s possible that tongues will wag the next day. Your goal? Damage control. The best way to salvage your reputation is to make fun of the situation before your colleagues have the chance to beat you to the punch.

That’s not to say that you need to make yourself the butt of all jokes or subject yourself to further public embarrassment or humiliation. But a bit of self-deprecating humor might come in handy to diffuse an awkward situation. It sure can’t hurt.

3. “I’m shy and dread office parties like the plague. Help!”

Not everyone feels comfortable in social situations – especially if the social situation in question happens to include everyone from the chatty office manager to your fire-breathing boss. But that doesn’t mean that you should use your discomfort – or even shyness – as an excuse to blow off the party. After all, mingling with your colleagues can lead to unexpected career prospects, and could indirectly further your career.

If you really detest office parties but don’t want to be left in the professional dust, you might try to make a deal with yourself. For instance, promise to stay at the party half an hour, and half an hour only. Once you’re at the party, chances are that you’ll get swept up into the spirit of the event, and might even have fun. And if you don’t, it’s only 30 minutes out of your life. You can handle that.

And above all, remember…

A good rule of thumb at an office party is to behave as if you’re being watched. And, in many ways, you are: by your colleagues, your boss, and everyone else who happens to cross your path. Monitoring your behavior while trying to have a good time is a Herculean task, it’s true. But the alternative, such as trying to do damage control after the damage has been done, is far worse!

Melissa Roske, founder of Wheels in Motion Coaching (, is a Certified Life and Personal Coach, committed to helping her clients to realize their potential and to successfully attain their goals. Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Melissa is also an internationally published author, advice columnist and online relationships advisor.

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Back to School Parties

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It’s one week away and my kids will soon be going back to school.  It seem like these days the summer break is just not as long as it use to be.  And, getting ready for school is much more of an ordeal now than it was when I was a kids.  So many things to buy, like paper towels, hand sanitizer, more than one box of crayons, kleenex..and the list goes on.  Then after the first day they’re back a huge list of “more things” we need to buy.  There seems to be just too much that we as parents seem to have to do to prepare to get our kids ready to go back to school.  In the end it cuts down a childs time to ..well just be a kid.

I remember walking barefoot to the store with my friend and eating a Dairy Queen at least every other day during the summer.  This was the time back when they use to “steam” the buns.  Oh how I miss it.  Those hamburges were so good and we had so much fun.  Then we would stop by the convienence store and buy up a bunch of candy and eat it on the way home.  Oh how I have memories of my summertime break and the things we did to pass the time away.  Today’s kids seem to hardly have a break.  I remember we use to have a back to school party kind of as a way to say goodbye to the summer and hello to new friends.  We’d have music and party games and oh my goodness lots of food.  One of our parents always planned it and we had more hotdogs, hamburgers and chips and dip than anyone could imagine!  One time we had a DJ who played music and the room was full of all kinds of cute disco theme party decorations.  When it was all over the parents passed out cute party favors for us to keep as a reminder of our special day.  I remember one favor in was a tiny photo frame that I still have today.

Life is just too short to get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of things that don’t really seem to matter.  Making memories..fond memories is what will carry on with you as you grow old.  Provide good memories for you kids..and throw them a back to school party, complete witha DJ, music, party supplies and theme decorations and a memorable keepsake favor that they can treasure forever.  Many of the party supplies can be found online too.  Easy shopping and having them delivered to your door makes it easy to plan and shop for supplies for a birthday party, baby shower party, or even those back to school parties.  Forty years from now they won’t remember what happened during 2nd period in Mr. Jackson’s class..but they’ll remember the great party you gave them before starting school that year.

Planning a Back to School Party

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Around here school is about to begin. Well in two more weeks. Can’t believe it! Back in my day school didn’t start until after Labor Day. With the kids getting prepared to wake up early we have been thinking of planning a back to school party. And, in trying to decide what type we came across all kinds of party ideas found on the web. Party favors suitable for my youngest who is 7 and even for my oldest who is 16 can be found online. Cute summertime theme favors like flip flop keychains are cute for 16 year olds. And, tiny flip flop placecard holders that can double as picture holders work great as party favors for my 7 year old. In looking online for back to school party ideas we came across all kinds of favors and gifts that can be purchased on the web. Cute baby shower favors, anniversary favors and wedding favors all can be bought online and shipped right to your door. As well as party tableware and even gifts for birthdays, weddings and we even found a great graduation gift for my cousin who is graduating college later this summer! Talk about a way to save gas. It looks like we’ll be doing more shopping online this year!

University of Alabama Defeats Auburn University

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Finally after 6 years the University of Alabama finally defeated rival Auburn University!  And, to top it off this was the first time ever that Alabama beat Auburn on their own turf!!  All I can say is … ROLL TIDE…ROLL!  After such as successful year of college football you can and will see lots of University of Alabama merchandise being sold and bought this year.  And, with Christmas approaching and Alabama heading into the SEC playoffs, a lot more will be sold.  Especially now that they have defeated Auburn!  I must say it feels good to say Roll Tide, knowing what a successful year Alabama has had!  In fact I know now what type gifts some of my relatives will be getting for Christmas this year.  Usually us Alabama fans have to hang our heads low after a rival game of Alabama and Auburn.  But this year we can hold our heads up with pride! I have some cute nieces who I’d love to get them kicked off in becoming early Bama fans!  I’ve found these cute University of Alabama baby onesies that say “Bama Baby” on them and my teen son would absolutely love this University of Alabama toy box bench!  It’s a beautiful keepsake too, one he can keep for many years!  And, my nephew would love this University of Alabame puzzle.  I’ll be getting them Bama fan stuff for Christmas presents this year!  Crimson Tide fans have a lot of choices when it comes to University of Alabama baby gifts.  Some people go all out and decorate the whole nursery with Crimson Tide baby gear.  I just hope we get to continue shouting Roll Tide Roll after he SEC game next Saturday.  2009 would be a great year to hold on to those Bama bragging rights!

Baby Onesie Cupcakes

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Now I’ve heard of planning a baby shower and deciding on what type of baby shower decorations to use and what type of baby shower favors to pass out afterwards, and I’ve even heard of some extravagent meals that are prepared for larger crowds, but I’ve never heard of baby onesie cupcakes!  These aren’t cupcakes like you would eat.  Yet they are adorable enough I could understand how one would want to..LOL!  These cupcake onesies are folded in a special way and decorated with a cute applique that should be removed before allowing the baby to wear the onesie.  Applique’s are placed on the top of the rolled onesie to look like the topping of a cupcakes.

Baby Cupcake Onesies

Baby Cupcake Onesies

They are then carefully placed in a cute polka-dot gift box that would make any new mom laugh with delight when she receives such a unique baby gift!  And, if given at a baby shower party everyone will be talking about the person who found such a cute baby gift!  So if you are looking for a different type baby gift, a gift that’s not normally given, then these Cupake Onesies make the perfect gift for baby and mom!  They are available in either blue, pink or yellow.  They are made by the Baby Bunch company who is known to provide cute baby gifts for several celebrities!

Preparing for New Baby’s Arrival

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Baby’s arrival brings joy and excitement, but it is also important for the expectant parents to make prior arrangements for this auspicious occasion. Apart from decorating the room and buying the essentials for the baby, it is very important for the family to be mentally prepared for the newborn and understand their respective roles.  Love, care, and patience are the key to parenting.

Preparing for Parenthood

Parents need to support each other and make the crucial decisions together; they need to be prepared for the emotional highs and lows. The parents also need to prepare the siblings in case it is not their first baby, as issues like jealousy, resentment, and anger may arise when the new baby arrives. To pacify the firstborns you can talk about the expected baby and read books of brother/sister love to make the child understand his/her role, you can also give gifts to a big brother or a big sister at a baby shower saying it’s a gift from the baby, to make them love the newborn. Cute shirts like that say “I’m a Big Sister” or “I’m a Big Brother” will help an older sibling feel extra special.  It is good to talk to friends who have gone through this phase and learn from their experience. Expectant parents can also enroll for classes to learn more about baby care.  Check with your local hospital or university for a class to help small children learn to adjust to sharing a home with a new baby.

Baby Essentials That You Need To Buy 

Although it is good to start shopping for baby items well in time, yet it is advisable that in the initial 3 months you should only buy the most essential baby items like nappies, baby bottles, baby edibles, etc. Once the baby is born, you can buy other items like crib bedding, baby furniture, baby moses basket, baby toys, etc. It is always good to wait for the baby shower as you might get the baby items which you were thinking of purchasing. It is recommended to furnish the nursery nicely to keep your baby comfortable. 

For exclusive baby supplies, you may try shopping online as many items you may not find available in retail stores.  Many stores do not carry personalized baby gifts as these can only be ordered as a special made item.  And, many times you’ll find special deals and exclusive items available from an online store too.

How to Buy the Right Gifts for New Moms

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Moms go through a lot to give birth to a baby and deserve special attention and care during the pregnancy days and initial days after delivery. The first few months are hard for her if she is a new mom; she needs support of her spouse, friends, and relatives. You can show much appreciation for the new mom by buying her a special gift. Your token of love will be highly appreciated by her. 

Do not confuse baby gifts with gifts for mom: While buying gifts for new moms it should be kept in mind that the gift should cater to the needs of mom and should be useful for her. If you plan to present a gift to a new mom, make sure that it’s for her and not the baby. Give her nice t-shirt or a personalized mommy bracelet with her name or baby’s name on it. You can also give her silver sterling jewelry like a keepsake mommy necklace that will bring a smile to her face. 

Give her something to complement her looks: You can make her feel special by gifting her something to enhance her looks, such as gift certificates of a spa where she can get a relaxing massage from a therapist. May a nice pampering new mom present that she and her husband can use together might be nice. It is not a good idea to give her certificates for gym as you should not make her realize that she is out of shape. 

Lend her a helping hand: Bringing up a baby can be very exhausting for new moms. You can do something for her like helping her in cleaning the house, as it’s difficult to take care of the baby and also keep the house pristine clean. You can also do baby sitting for her while she goes out and has a relaxing evening or gets the much deserved rest.  Or run needed errands for her, like grocery shopping, or trips to the drug store or cleaners.

Special things you can do for the new mom is very much appreciated as well as any gift.  You can prepare a meal ahead like a casserole and freeze it so all she has to do is warm it up for a quick and easy dinner.  Walk the dog, water her plants, shovel matter what you do or what you give, the new mom and dad will love your kind thoughts and will welcome whatever you have to offer with great appreciation.

How to Organize Your Baby’s Nursery

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Baby’s room is generally cluttered with toys, books, and other stuff. It is a tedious task to keep the nursery spic-and-span. If it is a small room then it is more important to manage the space intelligently to keep the room tidy. Baby room furniture items like closets, chests, drawers, bookshelves, and toy boxes, etc. can help you to make maximum out of the area you have by creating extra storage space. Some of the essential baby room furniture items are:

A well designed bookshelf helps to keep the room neat and tidy. You can arrange story books, art supplies, small toys, stuffed animals and other stuff neatly in the bookshelf and keep the place uncluttered. You can find bookshelves of various shapes and sizes embellished with amazing designs, but it is advisable to select the bookshelf according to your nursery space. If you have less space, then a tall bookshelf would be a great option as it will occupy less space. However, if you have sufficient space, then you can always go in for short, sleek and stylish bookshelves. You can also personalize your bookshelf according to your specific needs by selecting the color, size, and features depending upon the décor and space.

A toy box is a must for every nursery and you can find various types of toy boxes in the market. Toy boxes are available in different styles, sizes and colors and offer plenty of space to store all the toddler toys like dolls, plush toys, puzzles, games, etc. It is advisable to buy the toy boxes that are outfitted with safety hinge as it prevents the lid from slamming shut on the little fingers of your tiny tot. Many toy boxes are multi-functional and also serve the purpose of a bench.

A good closet organizer makes it easy to store and locate things. Closets usually have a large storage space and can accommodate most of the nursery essentials. You can also go in for closets that are outfitted with chests and drawers so that you have different compartments for diaper creams, changing pads, wipes and other items like blankets, crib sheets, baby towels.

You can find many of these items available online. Online baby stores that offer personalized baby gifts, gift baskets and room decor are your best internet baby stores to follow.

A Night to Remember

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Fun Times Around the Bonfire!

Fun Times Around the Bonfire!

We all have poignant memories of our college days. From those last minute studies to those funny prom nights.

This happened a few months ago, when we threw a party after our exams. The moment was special because it was our last day at our polytechnic college and also clashed with my birthday.

We were done with our exams, and waiting for our grades.

We all gathered up at our place and rented a tent in my backyard.  We also lit up a campfire and decorated the garden with lots of party decorations.

With the moon reigning above, and little drops of rain cascading it was a perfect place to meet up with old friends, not to mention old crushes as well.

My friend Rocky brought his guitar and strummed the night with our favorite beats. From Beatles to Bryan Adams, we heard them all.

The party was memorable because of the cool birthday gifts that I received that day.

I remember vividly a gift I recived from one of my female friends.  It was a beautiful handmade name bracelet which I still have, and remains special to me.

We played a truth or dare game that day, and the female winners got a personalized tote, which I bought from my favorite online party store.

It was a night to remember. We danced all night, had lots of tequila shots and beer. Truly, one of the best days of my college life.